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Steam Board
Steam Board
 SKU 67417
Like a vertical ironing board that allows you to press the steam nozzle directly onto creases, pleats, and cuffs. A hanger with clips holds clothes securely, leaving hands free. Fiber board and moisture-resistant fabric covering. Hangs on the back of a door or can be wall-mounted (hardware included). 48 H x 24 W x 2 D. (26 lbs.).
Steamer Liquid Cleaner
Steamer Liquid Cleaner
 SKU 61365
Removes deposits from steamer's internal parts. Set of three 10 oz. bottles. Available only in North America. Air delivery is not available.
The Best Electronic Pants Presser
The Best Electronic Pants Presser
 SKU 72681
In comparison tests by the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute, this hand-crafted British walnut veneer pants presser was rated best for its large pants pressing area, versatility of pressing time, and pressing temperature. Its pressing area (2 larger than most) is ideal for pressing a pair of average-length men's pants. The 250-watt heating pad has an electronic microchip timer so it reaches peak pressing temperature in 10 minutes without scorching. A unique mechanism gently pulls trousers, slacks, and skirts taut, eliminating the need to straighten fabric for proper pressing. The thermostat controlled unit has a timer with 15-, 30-, and 45-minute settings for light to heavier fabrics, and it requires no cool-down for immediate reset. LED display indicates time elapsed. With contoured coat hanger, cuff link dish, accessory tray, and retractable tie bar. May be wall mounted. Hand assembled in Windsor, England by John Corby, Ltd., inventors of the original pants presser. 37 H x 17 1/2 W x 6 D. (28 lbs.).
The Best Garment Steamer
The Best Garment Steamer
 SKU 60276
After rigorous testing by the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute, this garment steamer was rated best for its ability to quickly reach the steaming point and remove wrinkles. The best garment steamer begins to emit steam just one minute after it is turned on, unlike lesser models that needed up to 10 minutes to warm up. With only a few passes it smoothed wrinkles from cotton, silk, rayon, and wool garments, while other steamers required numerous strokes to remove stubborn wrinkles. Made by Jiffy, the best garment steamer extends the life of fabrics and is a common tool in museums and theater costume departments. Scoring highest for ease of use, the steamer requires only minimal assembly, comes with a removable water reservoir, and is safe for all fabrics. The hanging mechanism holds clothes and the ergonomic steam head for stability while steaming. Uses a 6-wide, high-impact plastic handle on a 5 1/2' flexible hose. 64 H x 15 W x 12 L. (18 lbs.).
The Best Mobile Hose Reel
The Best Mobile Hose Reel
 SKU 10680
This is the best mobile hose reel because it earned the highest marks in the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute's tests for ease of use and durability, thanks to its ability to quickly retract up to 250' of 5/8 hose and its strong, 13 gauge steel frame. Unlike lesser units with two unsteady plastic wheels that inhibited mobility, this one has four 8 pneumatic tires that provided optimal stability and allowed effortless rolling across gravel, grass, and concrete. The hand crank coiled a garden hose without requiring laborious manual efforts or causing the hose to crimp, while other unwieldy reels were difficult to wind and created tangles. The reel's superior features include an industrial-strength powder coating and galvanized brass fittings that resist the elements, 5' leader hose, and non-slip handlebar. 40 H x 25 W x 28 L. (35 lbs.).
The Fish Finding Watch
The Fish Finding Watch
 SKU 72578
This fish finder is worn on your wrist and doubles as a working wristwatch, complete with time and date, unlike other sonar sensors that are handheld or affixed to a boat. It operates in a wide 75' remote radius, transmitting real-time views of fish to the 1 1/4 LCD display. The sensor reads depth to 120' with a wide 90° sonar beam. Includes display backlighting and a pulse-lit advanced sensor for night fishing. All controls are easily commanded from the waterproof wrist unit. Remote sensor runs 500 continuous hours, and automatically shuts off after removal from water. With instruction manual and remote sensor. Sensor is ABS plastic. Battery included. 2 H x 2 W x 2 3/4 D. (1 oz.).
The Tempur Foam Kneeling Stool
The Tempur Foam Kneeling Stool
 SKU 10485
With the kneeling stool, your center of gravity is shifted by easing your hips forward as you kneel, correctly aligning your back, shoulders, and neck to reduce spinal stress by as much as 50% over normal chairs. Moving the hips forward distributes body weight better for more ergonomic posture that relieves strain on lumbar muscle groups and eliminates the pain of sitting for long periods of time. The knee pads and seat are Tempur-Foam (used in sleep surfaces of NASA spacecraft), renowned for its ability to mold and conform to the individual body shape of the sitter for comfort without pressure points. The foam springs back to its original shape almost immediately after the sitter rises, so it will not lose its resilience or cushioning even after years of daily use. The seat height is adjustable and the stool rolls smoothly and quietly on four nylon casters. The sturdy wood frame supports up to 250 lbs. Tools for minor assembly are included. Black. 24 H x 18 W x 21 D. (22 lbs.) Express and Premium Delivery not available for this item.
The Three Sided Air Powered Hockey Game
The Three Sided Air Powered Hockey Game
 SKU 10920
This is the only air-powered hockey table designed for three players instead of the usual two, adding faster play and a greater challenge to air-powered hockey play. The triangular shape allows each player to directly challenge both of his or her opponents, and the nontraditional angles result in unpredictable ricochets and increased action that require rapid reflexes and a keen eye. The table can be easily converted to two-player play with the addition of a rail that cordons off one of the wings. A powerful electric fan generates consistent air pressure from the perforated PVC-laminated surface to prevent dead spots. Minor assembly. Set includes 3 mallets and 6 pucks. Ages 8 and up. 32 H x 61 1/2 Diam. (90 lbs.).
The Traditional Pants Presser
The Traditional Pants Presser
 SKU 72682
At 28 3/4 inches high (2 1/4 inches taller than the other models tested), the pressing area was found to be ideal for pressing a pair of average-length men's pants. The unit's 250-watt heating pad is governed by an electronic microchip timing mechanism so that it reaches peak pressing temperature in ten minutes and has a unique pants-stretching mechanism that eliminates the need for straightening the fabric for proper pressing. Thermostat controlled, its timer has 15-, 30- and 45-minute settings for light to heavier fabrics and it requires no cool-down for immediate reset. The LED countdown display indicates time elapsed. With walnut veneer, accessory tray, cufflink dish, and retractable tie bar. Jacket hanger and feet made with heavy duty ABS plastic. Can also be wall mounted. 37 H x 17 1/2 W x 6 D. (28 lbs.).
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