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Additional Beads
Additional Beads
 SKU 67312
For use with the Peaceful Progression Wake Up Clock. Morning scent includes coffee, energy, lavender, and stress relief. Set includes four .85 oz. jars of one each scent.
The Instant Doorway Puppet Theater
The Instant Doorway Puppet Theater
 SKU 73213
This is the pupper theater that fits into a doorway as small as 28 in seconds, unlike bulky wooden theaters that require larger dedicated spaces and extensive time to set up. The theater mounts on an adjustable rod and can span a 40 doorway. Decorated with a sunshine emblem and made from heavy hypoallergenic and non-toxic cotton and polyester, the theater includes a fold-down stage, working front and side curtains, and four back-stage storage pockets (puppets sold separately). A curved backdrop curtain rod and black backdrop curtain provide ample space for puppeteers and provide a sense of stage depth for viewers. Drawstring storage bag. Ages 3 and up. Imported. 30 W x 60 H. (5 1/2 lbs.).
The One Minute Drink Chiller
The One Minute Drink Chiller
 SKU 72504
Eliminating the wait associated with trying to rapidly cool packaged beverages, this device chills drinks 90 times faster than a refrigerator, and 40 times faster than a freezer (without risk of freezing). It cools cans of soda to 38 F in just one minute, and can chill a bottle of white wine to the low-50s F in less than four minutes. Ideal for last-minute dining events, as well as sporting events (a 12-volt car adapter is included), the chiller stops automatically when your drink reaches the correct temperature and is capable of holding one 12-oz. can or one wine bottle. The process begins when you add ice and water to the unit and turn it on; the device gently spins the beverage for even, thorough cooling. A no-spin option is available for delicate wines. 9 H x 6 W x 14 L. (6 lbs.).
The Seven Day Programmable Robotic Vacuum
The Seven Day Programmable Robotic Vacuum
 SKU 74520
This is the Roomba that allows you to schedule up to seven cleaning times or send the robotic vacuum on an impromptu spot-cleaning of a soiled carpet or floor using a wireless command center--a feature unique to the Hammacher Schlemmer model. The unit navigates through a room autonomously while its efficient brushes rotate at 1,650 rpm, sweeping debris toward its built-in vacuum (play the video). A sensor redirects the unit before it encounters furniture or walls, and it has an enhanced anti-tangle technology that enables the Roomba to reverse the rotation of its brushes when it senses rug fringe. Two Virtual Wall lighthouses project infrared beams that confine the vacuum to one room and, when the unit finishes cleaning the floor, the lighthouses allow it to move on to another room. The device has six side brushes that are angled toward the floor, ensuring more effective dirt removal along walls, and it has an air filter that removes dust and allergens. The large, bagless dustbin removes at the touch of a button. The robotic vacuum can clean up to four rooms per charge and automatically returns to its drive-on charger when its battery runs low. Most effective on hard floors and medium-pile carpets. Includes filter. Wireless command center requires four AA batteries. Virtual Wall lighthouses require two C batteries. 4 1/4 H x 13 1/2 Diam. (7 1/2lbs.).
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